A Million Dreams Greatest Showman Cover by CaraNua

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This is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever heard! (and apparently many others agree too!)

Caranua debut Music video (released earlier this year on Jan 2018) has had over 308,000 views on Youtube (it hit that on November 21, 2018!

Go below and watch it now,:

A Million Dreams (Greatest Showman Acapella Cover) by CaraNua

They make really good harmonies together!

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These ladies harmonies are astonishing, and they inspire me to reach farther and greater

for my dreams, than I have in the past! To live in a world that I design! A Million Dreams is all it’s gonna take! A Million Dreams in the world we’re going to make! Thank you Caranua ladies and blessings to you all, to Alex, to Edel, and to Lynn!

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