Something that you may find enjoyable, Kara Marlene

Hi there, ChrisB here! As I said before, I will be including some enjoyable posts, that are just and hopefully will help you feel happy!

Kara Marlene’s heart warming rendition of the lullaby “Silent Night” captures soulful melodies to make memories of joy to last for years to come. “I want to share that joy, my joy, with the world.” ~ Kara Marlene

See one of her wonderful videos here, and then go and get her newest single:

It is Well With My Soul (a-cappella) by Kara Marlene

She is love , yes he is! Go to the following and get her single of ‘Silent Night’!‬

Hope you enjoy this, and have a great day!

From ChrisB

A Journey Of a Thousand Miles by Donovan Stokes

Hi there, Chris B here! I have decided that I’m going to, on a regular basis, to share some things, that are different from Affiliate Marketing. So to start off, here is a friend on mine:


Donovan G Stokes second book, A Journey of a Thousand Miles, is now out!

Donovan Stokes was raised in historically rich Charleston, South Carolina, where as a young boy he would walk along King Street and watch life in the South colored with a sensitive and spiritual nature. He felt the pangs of an oppressed soul and longed for a better life. One day while traveling, he noticed weeds growing through cracks in a sidewalk and marveled how weak but strong they were growing from such difficulty. That simple thought gave him inspiration in seeking new directions through life in the military and college where he would eventually earn a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and Education.

Go to the link below, and get his newest book!

Hope you like his new book!

Have a great day!

From ChrisB

New WP gamified list building plugin! Free Today!

Hi there.

Would you like a fun way to build your lists, and use it to
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You can capture their email, offer coupon codes and then followup with
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Here’s what you’ll get with WP Spin Win:

[+] Unlimited multi-site and developers licenses included
[+] Simple to set up, have it live in just a couple of minutes
[+] Optional powerful customization functions (change look, colour, prizes and rewards)
[+] Prebuilt with 8 gifts proven to convert
[+] Export your leads via CSV
[+] Automatically add them to our Integrated AR options
[+] Autoresponder integrations include: Covert Commissions, AWeber, GetResponse & MailChimp

Really, this could be sold – but they’re giving it away, so go and get
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Go and watch a quick video here:


Check it out here!

All the best!
Chris Berentsen

Get Free Step by step profit funnel report!

Hi there,

Do you want a consistent, proven method to online cash.

The (not so secret) secret is that you need a mailing list.

This report shows you exactly how to create lead capture funnels
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To your success,
Chris Berentsen

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online Is….

There are hundreds of different ways to
make money online – but do you know what
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This software doesn’t just teach you… but
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I know… it sounds crazy…

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To your success,
Chris Berentsen

Welcome to The Affiliate Beat Blog

Welcome to The Affiliate Beat! (News and Reviews of the Best Affiliate Offers)

beat  (biːt); to form (a path or track) by repeatedly walking or riding over it

I am Chris B! Thank you for visiting my new blog. First thing: go ahead and bookmark my web address of my blog, so you can find it easily next time! And yes, the name of this blog, is very much, what I am going do: to form a path or track by repeatedly walking or riding over it!  To Beat a Path! And I will try to post as often as I can, and soon, a path will be formed, that others can follow!

Within this blog, is where I am going to do my best, to bring you news and reviews, of the best affiliate offers and products, that are available online today! And because I am an affiliate of Clickbank, WarriorPlus, PayKickStart, and JVZoo, when you find something you like, you can access  those offers straight through this blog! I know, it’s very convenient, isn’t it?!

And before I write anymore, I want to share with you, a system that I discovered about 3 weeks ago. It is called, Covert Commissions! And you can join for Free! It allows you to use, a ‘Done For You’ system, to send traffic to funnel pages, and then the CC followup system, helps you sell affiliate offers to the public! And make commissions on those sales!  I know, you may have heard this before, but this is really a good system and worth looking into! I’m going to send you over to another part of my blog, and you can watch a video, and then go over to the site. There you can get started for Free!

Now we continue…
The world of affiliate offers is always changing and expanding, with new and better products and services constantly being created worldwide, it is a great time to be internet marketer!
That is one of the most exciting things about being an internet marketer now days; you can promote other people’s products, and when visitors buy through your link, you get paid a commission! I know, it is pretty amazing, to be able to do that, and have that kind of income steam! And to have that kind of freedom, to do what you want, when you want, where you want! And you can do it, from anywhere on the Earth, as long as you have an internet connection!
It is an amazing time to be doing online business!
Here I will let you know about the newest and best affiliate offers, of products and services that can help you build your business online! And help you build that business, easier than you ever though possible! Leaving you with extra time, to do the things that you enjoy! Like spending time with family and friends!
And isn’t that the reason why we are doing this online marketer thing: to have a better life, and have more free time to do what we want to do!
(I also want to add, that as time goes along, I plan to post some articles/videos/quotes and other nice things, that will encourage you. So keep an eye out for that!
So that’s it for this blog post. Go ahead and look around and see if anything interests you now! There are a lot of new affiliate launches and new products coming out in the next months, and I will do my best, to let you know about them, ahead of time!
(And give me a little time, and I plan to start making videos, and I’ll post them here. I’m a little bit camera shy, yet I think I’ll get over that soon enough. Thanks for your understanding!)
Thanks again for visiting my blog, see you later, and have a great day!
From ChrisB 🙂
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