Best News You Will Ever Hear

Watch the video above here first!

Best News You Will Ever Hear!

First The Bad News:

The bad news of this chapter of human history is its

staggering finality. Few things are this, well . . . final.

If you lose money in this world, chances are you can
make it back.

If you fail a course in school, you can repeat.

If you get sick, you can recover.

If you lose your job, you can get another.

But if you’re without the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ
in the day of the great white throne judgment,
there is simply no other salvation. It’s too late.

The Good News of this story is that it doesn’t have to
happen to anyone. It’s just a matter of choice.

And God urges us all to “choose life”

Watch the video again, and then choose life.

God bless you,

From Chris B

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