Instead of looking for Gold, Get into the ‘Picks and Shovels’ business!

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Yes the video says it all; Job Opp is a really good online business! It is not cheap, yet after you pay a one-time cost, there is nothing more to buy! It even includes some advertising, built right in! (the only thing is, that you will want to do, is buy more advertising for it later, which is what is the life blood of your business, advertising!) Speaking of which, that is what this article is about…Go ahead and read it…

Instead of looking for Gold, Get into the ‘Picks and Shovels’ business!

“When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” – Mark Twain

Digging for Gold is a nice thought, and there may be a few fortunate people who strike it rich on the web, but the true money comes from selling the “Picks and Shovels” to the hungry miners.

Many Hundreds and Thousands of Internet Marketers are digging for riches online!

Their picks and shovels are in fact, advertising services!

They Must have internet traffic. And we can provide it to them… all on Automatic Pilot !

This is the key to making money online!

For 20+ years, I have seen every single opportunity you can imagine. Some are pretty good, some come and go in an instant , but there is one single thing that never goes out of style; and that single thing is the huge demand for advertising!

Sell advertising to the folks that are demanding it!

Now let’s talk about what this program is like:

What This Is Not: It’s Not a Scam.. Not some Ponzi Scheme… But a real legitimate business, selling a real product that every website owner must have!

And what you can earn with it, can add up to alot! Like 3G a Month A lot!

Potential 3 G a Month? Take a look:

Lets say you make 1 sale per day and earn 100 bucks for that sale; your income can possibly add up to 3 grand a month! That is lucrative amounts of cash!

And on top of that, for every direct sale you make, that customer becomes your referral. And when they make a direct sale, you will make $50 each time! And that’s lifetime/unlimited! So you see, you can potentially make great big money! And this is a legitimate business!
So that being said, What This Is:

Excellent Biz Opp that Pays Right Away On Every Sale! And speaking of ads, it has built in advertising package.

Lead capture pages with automated long term follow up!

And pre written messages! So you see, Everything set up, ready for you!

On top of that, company support 365 days per year! Owner has been in business for over 20 years! They’re here to stay!

So instead of looking for gold, sell ‘Picks and Shovels’ to the hungry miners! Sell advertising! And work with this system, to Rake In all that potential money, that is just out there waiting for you to claim it!

Click below to see more:

To your success, From long time internet marketer:

Chris Berentsen


Remember: It Pays U $100 Immediately On Every Sale! And also pays you $50 on every sale your referrals make! A business all setup for you, ready to go! Plus company support, 365 days a year! And Yes, This biz costs something, yet it’s a real legitimate business, with a real product, that is advertising! It works and people are getting results! Click the link to see more!


Keep this in mind:Really: with this business; when you make a sale, you get paid to your Paypal! Not later in the month, or later in the week, or even later that day! But right now! The owner has been in business for over 20 years! And they have setup this system, to pay you immediately after your customer buys! And because all sales are final, there are no refunds, for you to worry about! Wondering if all of sudden you will be asked to give back the money that you worked so hard for! No, the owner makes it clear in the sales page, No Refunds, and when you make a commission, it is yours to keep! Go ahead and take a look at this again, and see if this is the good and real kind of business that you can commit yourself to being a part of! Click below to see it!




If you need to buy some really good advertising for whatever business opportunity that you are already into, then click the link below! (this is the same parent company that owns and runs this Job Opp business opportunity, that you just read about here! So you know that you can trust them with your advertising needs!)



“Get whatever you want out of life by simply helping enough
others get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


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