Quick update, I reinstalled a visitor counter

Hi there, ChrisB here! I wanted to write this here quickly:

When I first started my blog about 2 weeks ago, I very soon after, added a visitor counter. It worked alright for awhile, and then I ran into issues with it not working with other plugins. So I uninstalled that counter plugin.

(I have another plugin that monitors how many visitors have come to the blog, yet it doesn’t show to those that are visiting; it shows that I have had about 1000 visitors in the past 2 weeks or so.)

After working out some issues that were causing situations on my blog, I decided to re-add the visitor counter plugin today!

I hope that you like it and that it will give you a feeling, that others are coming and enjoying my blog, more and more everyday! Just wanted you to know, what was going on!

Thanks and have a great day!

From ChrisB  🙂